Get   Moving   with   Game   On’s   Home   School   P.E.   Classes!

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Come join us for every kids favorite class, P.E. ! Our multi-sport P.E. class is the perfect way to keep your student moving and having a great time!  We have a place for every student. Our younger kids mix in the classic PE games, as we also explore many sports in a fun and interactive way! We love to teach the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, to our older group, as they stay active and play the sports they love.

With new events like end of semester field days and mid semester four square tournaments our hope is that movement and activity will be a staple in your students life for years to come! Join us for movement, join us for fun, join us for P.E. !

Cost: $130 when enrolled in the semester. $9 for one-time drop in class.

  • Ages 6yrs – 18yrs.
  • Fall & Spring Semesters!
  • Co-Ed Classes!
  • 12-16 week sessions, (1x per week) – 1 hour each.
  • Wednesday’s 3pm-4pm
  • To enhance your child’s experience, we split the semesters between both of our facilities to capture all of the sports !

Home School PE Classes for Spring and Fall Semesters will be held at Sports Complex AND Arena Sports!


Spring Semester 2022 – Starts February 2, 2022! Register Here

February 2 through March 23 is at Game On Arena Sports

March 30 through May 18 is at Game On Sports Complex


Fall Semester 2022 – Starts September 7, 2022! Register Here

September 7 through October 26 is at Game On Sports Complex

November 2 through December 21 is at Game On Arena Sports


For more information about Home School PE at Game On Arena Sports and Sports Complex, contact Chris today, or call us at 817-367-7800.