Pickleball has come to Game On Sports Complex!

Game On Sports Complex Adult Pickleball Leagues:

Season Start: April 2nd

Registration Deadline:  March 27th


These are for individuals who would like to play in the league but do not have a partner. The partners are given at random based on signups. It is important that you sign up for the division that best fits your skill level.

Bring a team in: REGISTER HERE!

If you already have a partner and would like to bring in your own team you can “Create a Team”. When creating a team, it will ask you which level you would like to play in. Please try to most accurately place your team. You may add a 3rd player to your roster within that same skill level to act as a sub if an injury or something happens where one of the players is unable to make it to the game. This 3rd player will need to be added to the roster before the 2nd week of games. You may not add any players or bring a player that is not on the roster past that date.

League format:

There will be a total of 8 matches played per team. 2 matches per week back to back (Thursday morning). These matches will be self-refereed and a best of three game series. There will be 45 minutes to complete the entire match. If the match is not complete in the 45-minute slot whoever is winning at the time will be considered the winner. If courts are available to extend the match then that will be permitted (Decided by the Game On Facility).

The champion will be decided by the top team at the end of the season and that team will receive a championship t-shirt from Game On and their picture posted on Social media from the Game On media pages.

You will not need a membership to register for the league. However once that season ends players without a membership will no longer be permitted to play open play in our facility without either purchasing a membership or paying the drop in rate.


For any questions email Bmitchell@gameonfw.com

Open play times are Monday through Friday 8:30am-12:30pm

We have six courts for play available with room to expand as we expand the Pickleball community. We will adjust skill level for the courts on an as needed basis.

Pickleball memberships will be $75/year. Senior Citizens Memberships will be $60/year.  The drop in fee will be $10 for a day pass.

Pickleball Contact – Brandon Mitchell bmitchell@gameonfw.com

Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments at Game On:

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