• 1 on 1 Private Lesson
    •  $70 per lesson
  • Group of 2
    • $100 per lesson
  • Groups of 3+
    • $40 per lesson per player
    • Group of 3+ $40 each

Individual or group lessons available, please contact 817-367-7800 or email:


Practice & Play Beach Volleyball Program (P3) – Register Here

P3 is designed to give children of all skill levels a fun and exciting environment to learn and play the game of beach volleyball. Classes consist of age appropriate drills and activities that will cover all aspects of the game, while also including player development. Staff coaches bring structure, organization, and supervision to each session. Each week participants focus 30 minutes on practicing specific skills, fundamentals & game like situations. From there, the next 30 minutes they will have an opportunity to utilize the skills just taught, and play in a controlled scrimmage.


**Annual Membership is $35.00 for one facility or $50.00 for both Game On locations..

All participants must have an Annual Membership to play at Game On Sports Complex or Game On Arena Sports

Check us out and join the chat and when groups of friends are getting together to play with the latest league information! Need a team? Connect with someone at 817 Beach Volleyball Facebook Group