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We believe in the inherent value of hard work and the performance that results from a focus on fitness. That’s why we are proud to have APEC — a world-class performance enhancement & adult fitness center — available inside Game On Sports Complex to help you tap into your full potential.

ADULT  TRAINING  –  Spherical

Spherical is APEC’s Adult training system that utilizes the best coaching, equipment, and technology for the best all around fitness program in the country. The name Spherical comes from our well rounded philosophy integrating various training methods such as; strength training, Multi-dimensional movement skills, mobility, cardio, yoga, pilates, stability, high intensity training, energy systems development, interval training, and body weight training systems. Spherical blends all researched methods of training while relying on scientific principles for fitness. Whether you want to just lose weight or get back to being in game shape, Spherical is for you.


 At APEC our training is for sport performance. We buy into cutting edge science, not just hard work. We study all year to keep up with the current advantages for our athletes and adults. Our message to ALL of our clients is simple: BE THE BEST. YOU.

What athletes need is something that can give them power and speed while also growing their body to its potential, injury free. At APEC we know that not everyone will be an elite athlete so we focus on developing confidence and work ethic that will translate to all aspects of life. We strive to create a habit of pursuing excellence with our athletes and adult fitness clients.

Bringing the best in performance equipment and techniques to Fort Worth Texas. Our facility is second to none when it comes to providing elite performance training for ANY athlete.

All sports. All levels. All athletes. All year.

For more information, check out APEC Fort Worth Or, email