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Game On Sports Complex

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Baseball   &   Softball   Training   Fort   Worth

Our state of the art, year round indoor facility has over 8,000 square feet of training area. It is dedicated to improving and fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and skill levels with seven multi-use indoor batting and pitching tunnels, equipped with the latest technology. These cages are easily retractable if players wish to utilize the entire space for playing catch or taking ground balls. Each of our cages come geared with buckets of balls, protective screens, and portable pitching mounts.

5Tool  Summer   Training   Program

Begins June 5, 2017

Train like the pros through the 5Tool Summer training program. Improve on the 5 tools of baseball by increasing power, average, speed, fielding, & throwing ability. This program utilizes decades of experience in developing athletes and helping them reach their full potential. This will be done through strength, power, and speed training with APEC as well as working through our hitting, throwing, and fielding programs with GO Baseball.  It will be held at our state of the art facility Game On Sports Complex and APEC training.

8 weeks – $899.00 | 10 week – $1060.00 |Unlimited – $1280.00 (unlimited usage of GO Baseball Facility and Unlimited APEC)

10% discount for registering in April

This program runs MondayThursday from 12pm-2pm.

Payment plan options available.

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We provide professional instruction to all ages.  Our goal is to help athletes reach their full potential and goals through proper instruction and training.  This includes but is not limited to hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing, mental preparation and strategy.

For more information on lessons, contact us at 817-367-7800 or email:

Batting/Pitching  Tunnels


Individual rentals include a tunnel, balls, L-screen, and mound if needed.

Pitching Machine

Our pitching machines throw baseballs or softballs.  Each machine can throw 3 different speeds for baseball and 3 different speeds for softball.  All with the touch of a button.

Cost: Membership Options Available! All Non-Members, must register.  Register Now!


Home Run $45/month

Grand Slam $75/month

1/2 HR Lesson

$50 $42.50 (15% off) $38.50 (25% off)

1 HR Lesson

$90 $76.50 (15% off)

$67.50 (25% off)

1/2  HR Cage Rental $30 $24 (20% off)

Free 1 hour rental (1 per day when space available)

1 HR Cage Rental

$50 $40 (20% off) Free 1 hour rental (1 per day when space available)
Machine $2/token (15 pitches) 6 tokens/day (90 pitches)



Full Price 15% off Camp/Clinic 25% off Camp/Clinic
Merchandise Full Price 10% off

15% off



Team   Packages

Our team packages are tailored to each team’s need for indoor/outdoor practice space.  Packages include allotted reserved practice times, memberships for players that include individual usage of the facility as well as discounts on camps/clinics, pro shop, and lessons.  We also provide team uniform packages.


For more information about Adult baseball/softball at Game On Sports Complex, call us today at 817-367-7800.

For sport specific strength, conditioning & agility, Contact APEC  at 817-367-7800 or email


**Annual Membership $25.00 – All participants must have an annual membership to play at Game On.